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Pokemon card openings have taken YouTube by storm!

These valued members of the community, otherwise known as ‘PokeTubers’, spend a lot of time and money creating content for our entertainment.

In this article, I’m going to recommend my five favourite Pokemon YouTube channels, and why you should consider subscribing to them!

What Are The Best Pokemon YouTube Channels?

1. Leonhart


Leonhart encompasses everything that is right with the Pokemon community. His passion, humour, entertainment value and charitable causes make him such a pleasure to watch.

Although he trained to be a lawyer, he gave it all up to open Pokemon cards on YouTube…and my word, was that the right decision or what! In just a few years, he’s amassed over a million subscribers, created hundreds of videos, and generated tens of millions of views – but most importantly, generated thousands of dollars for mental awareness charities.

His channel covers everything from vintage card openings, to Pokemon celebrity interviews. If you’re looking to be entertained by a genuinely good guy opening Pokemon cards, Leonhart is your man!

Favourite Video

2. PokeRev


If you’re looking for a channel where you can not only take part in card openings, but also get a great education, you need to check out PokeRev.

Although relatively new to YouTube, PokeRev had been quietly building a monster collection for a number of years. His channel quickly made waves in early 2020, when he enabled other collectors to buy packs in his ‘live openings’. This was an instant hit, and enabled people to come together online and enjoy the buzz of a box break.

His Saturday morning educational Q&A videos are also a wonderful place for people to tune in and learn about collecting.

Having opened up every vintage WOTC booster box on his channel, it’s no surprise PokeRev has amassed over 100k subscribers already. He deserves every success coming to him, and is well worth subscribing to.

Favourite Video

3. Randolph Pokemon


Representing the UK, Randolph is an infectiously likable character, who has built a vast community of followers, and for good reason.

His fun loving videos, and genuine happiness from pulling good Pokemon cards is a joy to watch. His constant cries of ‘Let’s Go!’ echo through is videos, and as a viewer, you can’t help but get pumped watching his content!

But Randolph isn’t all about the openings, as a subscriber, you’ll also learn a lot too. Whether it’s box openings, PSA card returns, or even his popular videos with celebrity KSI, Randolph is definitely a guy worth following.

Favourite Video

4. Unlisted Leaf


Heading down under, next up we have Ando with his channel Unlisted Leaf. Honestly, you will not find a more excitable Poketuber than him! His love for all things Pokemon shines through (just look at the background of his videos), and has helped him generate a whopping 2+ million subscribers over the years.

His diverse range of product openings cover everything from vintage, modern, Japanese and beyond. But I have to say, the most incredible video of Ando’s, in my opinion, is when he accidentally stumbles across Black Triange Error Packs in a Base Set Booster Box. Check it out below, and make sure subscribe to his channel!

Favourite Video