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The 1999 1st Edition Base Set Charizard is the holy grail of Pokemon card collecting. 

Owning a copy is huge goal for many collectors, not only because of its investment potential, but it’s significance within the hobby too. 

On this page I track the most recent sale prices of PSA graded variants.

This is to help you determine how much the card is worth, in different conditions.

How Much is a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard Worth?

PSA Grade Recent Sale Price Population
10 $252,000 123
9 $16,805 712
8 $8,418 613
7 $6,400 484
6 $5,200 631
5 $4,000 514
4 $4,050 353
3 $3,100 210
2 $2,750 114
1.5 $4,071 25
1 $3,630 114
Authentic $3,101 31

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First Edition Base Set Charizard FAQ

Why is 1st Edition Charizard so expensive?

The 1st Edition Base Set Charizard is so expensive because of its rarity and nostalgic significance. Since the TCG’s release in 1999, it’s always been seen as the strongest and best card to pull.

The character is much loved throughout the franchise, and for 90’s kids, this card just makes you feel a certain way! Combine this with the fact that it’s first edition (aka the ever first print run) and we can better understand why the card sells for such high amounts – particularly in perfect condition.

What’s the highest paid for 1st Edition Charizard?

The current record, and highest paid for a PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard is $420,000. This was through PWCC auctions in 2022.

How much did Logan Paul spend on a 1st Edition Charizard?

Interesting, Logan Paul purchased a PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard from Gary “Real King Pokemon” for $150,000. He then cross graded with Beckett, meaning he had the card re-graded with a different grading company. The card achieved a BGS 10, with only two other variants in the world achieving that grade. (It’s harder to achieve high grades with Beckett, compared to PSA). As such, the new value of the card is said to be in the region of $1,000,000. A pretty valuable calculated risk for Logan right?!

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