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First Edition Pokémon Cards can be seriously valuable.

In this guide I’m going to explain exactly how to tell if a Pokémon Card is 1st Edition, including visual examples.

Let’s get into it!

What are First Edition Pokémon Cards?

First edition Pokémon Cards are cards that belong to the very first print run of a particular set. 

How to Tell if a Pokémon Card is First Edition?

First edition Pokémon Cards are easily identified, because they have a special ‘EDITION 1’ logo on them. 

This is what it looks like:

1st edition symbol pokemon cards





For the majority of First Edition cards, this will appear in the middle of the card, just below the artwork window on the left-hand side.

See the 1999 1st Edition Base Set Charizard below as an example.

1999 1st Edition Holographic Base Set Charizard

When it comes to trainer cards, the First Edition logo is usually found in the bottom left hand corner:

1st edition here comes team rocket

And with First Edition Energy Cards, it’s usually found in the top right position:

1st edition pokemon water energy

Do all First Edition Pokémon Cards Have a Stamp?

Yes, all First Edition Pokémon Cards have a stamp. 

Which English Sets Have First Edition Pokémon Cards?

Wizard’s of the Coast, the company responsible for printing the early English Pokémon sets between 1999 and 2003 created 10 sets in total that contain First Edition cards. 

These sets are:

  1. 1999 Base Set
  2. 1999 Jungle
  3. 1999 Fossil
  4. 2000 Team Rocket
  5. 2000 Gym Heroes
  6. 2000 Gym Challenge
  7. 2000 Neo Genesis
  8. 2001 Neo Discovery
  9. 2001 Neo Revelation
  10. 2002 Neo Destiny

Are First Edition Pokémon Cards Worth Anything?

Generally speaking, First Edition Pokémon Cards are worth more than the later print runs. But of course, there are multiple factors that affect values such as card condition, character popularity, and whether the card is graded or not.

For an idea of the kind of figures these cards fetch at auction, see my article on the most valuable First Edition Pokémon Cards.