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If you’re just getting into Pokémon Card collecting, there are several terms and acronyms you’ll hear all the time.

And it can be really frustrating when you don’t know what they mean!

In this handy guide, I’m going to run through the most common Pokémon terminology and what things mean.

So whether you’re watching videos on YouTube or opening packs with your friends, the lingo will all make sense to you!

Let’s go!

What Does WOTC Mean?

WOTC stands for Wizards of the Coast. This is the company that printed English Pokemon Cards from 1999 to 2003. This time period is commonly known as the ‘WOTC Era’.

What Does TCG Mean in Pokemon?

TCG stands for ‘Trading Card Game’. When you hear people talk about the Pokemon TCG, they’re referencing the actual strategic game element that can be played with the cards.

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What Does PSA Mean?

PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator, which is the most popular company in the world for grading Pokemon Cards. This is effectively the process of encapsulating the cards in plastic and scoring them out of 10 for the condition.

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What Does Gem Mint Mean?

Gem Mint is a score given to a card that grades perfectly. You’ll often hear the term ‘Gem Mint 10’.

What Does Low Pop Mean?

‘Low Pop’ stands for Low Population. When a card is graded by the likes of PSA, they keep databases which show how many of that particular card has been graded at the different scores (1-10). If a card has a low population of a PSA 10, for example, it’s a sign of rarity and it could potentially be valuable.

What Does ETB Mean?

ETB stands for Elite Trainer Box. It’s a type of product that can be purchased. Unlike booster boxes which have 36 packs, ETB’s usually have between 8-10 packs, and some additional accessories like card sleeves, coins, and even playmats.

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