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The hype around Pokémon 151 is a big. And rightly so.

Never before have we seen all 151 original characters from the Kanto region, in one set, with modern artworks.

Having opened multiple boxes since release date, this is probably the most fun I’ve had opening packs in a good few years.

But, beyond just pulling cards, is it worth keeping some products sealed for potential returns down the line?

Let’s dig in…

Will Pokémon 151 Go Up in Value?

I believe sealed Pokémon 151 boxes will certainly go up in value over the coming years.

But at different rates…

Firstly, for me, the stand out product is the Ultra Premium Collection box.

pokemon 151 ultra premium collection

It comes with two very special full art cards, the Mewtwo and the Mew EX – with the Mew in particular being an absolute masterpiece!

pokemon 151 ultra premium collection mew ex

I also think the Elite Trainer box will too, especially the one from the Pokemon Center as it contains a unique ‘Pokemon Center’ stamped Snorlax promo.

There are also Zadpos and Alakazam themed boxes, that look fantastic and contain cool promos.

The other 151 products are good, and are expected to climb over the coming years, but perhaps not as much as these stand out products I’ve mentioned above.

What About Graded Pokémon 151 Cards – Will These Go Up in Value?

The Pokémon company know they’re on to a winner with this set.

As such it’s going to have a huge print run to meet demand.

So just remember, even if you pull one of the best cards from Pokémon 151, there will still be a lot of them in circulation.

My advice would be to only send your cards to be graded, if you feel there’s a very good chance of them getting a Gem Mint 10.

Any of centered borders, or white edging issues will likely bring the score down, so just bear that in mind before you spend money on grading.

The only way to really add value to your 151 cards is through achieving a perfect grade.

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What About Completing The Pokémon 151 Set?

So this is what I’m aiming to do.

I’m going for a ‘master set’ which is to collect every single card in the set, including the promos.

Just be aware though that this can be expensive, so you don’t want to wipe any any increase in value you may get further down the line.

The best strategy here is to open up several boxes to get most of the cards, and then fill your remaining gaps by buying singles off eBay.

My Overall Opinion of Pokémon 151’s Future Value?

This is a really great set to collect.

You mix the nostalgia of the original Pokemon, with the stunning artworks of newer cards.

This is a set that will please all, both young and old.

Because of it’s mainstream appeal, I think the future is really bright for 151, but just be strategic about your purchases.

Remember, not everything is worth buying or grading.

And also, just have fun with it! Sometimes packs are just made to be opened, and 151 certainly falls into the category!

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