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If you open packs as much as I do, you’ll know it’s easy to get overrun by your Pokemon cards!

In this snappy guide I’m going to explain exactly how I organise my cards in binders and boxes, and keep everything neat and organised. 😇

Here’s how to do it…!

How I Organise my Pokemon Binders


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If I’m collecting a particular set, I always put my cards in number order. For me that’s just how the set is supposed to be viewed. 

If I’m collecting a master set (which is every variation of every card), I’ll leave enough spaces in the binder to put each variant of the card next to each other. Some collectors will just put the Holos and Reverse Holos in the same slot, but I like to see them both next to each other.

If I’m putting a binder together that isn’t a set, for example I’m building a binder of all my favourite Charizard cards, I’ll literally just go by preference, putting my favourite cards at the front and working back. That’s a totally personal choice, do what you’d get the most enjoyment from!

How I Organise my Storage Boxes

When it comes to cards I’m selling, it’s all about efficiency. I need to be able to find a card and process that order as quickly as possible. 

Therefore I organise cards by set, and then alphabetically. 

When it comes to organising cards I want to grade, I’ll literally batch them. I tend to grade 20 cards at a time, so I’ll make a row in my box of batches, based on priority. 

Finally, when it comes to organising my bulk, anything goes. No jokes, I’m quite pedantic actually! I’ll sort the cards by set, and then in number order. It takes a bit of time, but I just hate swimming in bulk so it makes me feel better!

And that’s my process guys! 

I hope this helped give some guidance for your collection.

I feel sometimes you need rules and structure so you can quickly access what you want. But other times, it’s important to just organise in a way that enables you to enjoy the cards too!